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Helping Founders Become Brands Using the Power of Social Media


Years of Experience


Months Average Client Tenure




Inbound Leads

Jennine Rexon
Founder and CEO
Rex Direct Inc., NJ

“I've been collaborating with UpTalkk for more than a year now. They've truly captured my voice, allowing me to entrust LinkedIn entirely to them. This platform has emerged as the powerhouse driving substantial growth for my company, while also elevating my personal brand—an added bonus! "

Jesse O'Brien
Founder and Head Coach Central Athlete LLC., TX

"I have appreciated our work together and I believe they are great at their craft and honoring the authors voice."

Sunny Arora 
Founder and CEO

“Working with Kabir, Founder of UpTalkk, was a great experience! He is very focused and analytical, you can just trust him with your goals.
His strategic input and ability to think ahead is a very important asset that he brings to the table. He will ask you difficult questions."

Social Media Profile Management

Every platform dances to its own tune. YouTube, the stage for learning; Facebook, the arena for family bonds. Instagram, the canvas for visual stories. LinkedIn, the boardroom for business, and X, the hub for staying ahead.


In the symphony of social media, we've talked to 100+ founders in the past three years. They get the content game, but staying in the spotlight? That's the tricky part.

We're here for the founders who refuse to blend into the background.

We're not your average service – we're your partners in consistency. For founders who dare to be more than just run-of-the-mill, we're here to amplify your distinct voice across platforms

Our Process



We’ll ask you questions that are designed to tell stories about you, your company, your market, and your customers.


Social Media Profile Optimization

We'll get your Social Media profiles to stand out.


Posts Review

We’ll share the first batch of content on a Google Doc. You can suggest edits and we can collaborate on the posts there.



Once you approve the posts, we'll publish the content on your social profiles.



We'll track relevant KPI's to continue growing on the platforms

Key Performance Indicators

Number of reactions per post
Number of profile visits
Impressions per post
Connection invites received
Comments per post
Conversations started
Increase in follower count
Number of leads generated
Connections added
Number of closures

Value Added Benefits

Faster sales cycle

Founder-led sales

Attracts Opportunities


About Us

Welcome to UpTalkk, where we believe in the power of individuality and the impact of a strong personal brand. Your story is unique, and we're here to help you tell it in a way that resonates and captivates.

Our Mission

At UpTalkk, our mission is to empower individuals to build authentic and compelling personal brands that open doors, create opportunities, and leave a lasting impression. We understand that personal branding goes beyond a polished resume or a well-optimized social media profile. It's about authentically expressing who you are and what you stand for.

What Sets Us Apart


Personalized Approach: We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team takes the time to understand your individual strengths, aspirations, and goals, tailoring our strategies to reflect the authentic you.

Holistic Expertise: Combining the best practices of branding, marketing, and personal development, our diverse team brings a wealth of experience to guide you through the journey of crafting a holistic personal brand.


Results-Driven: We're not just about creating a brand; we're about making an impact. Our strategies are designed to deliver tangible results and building a strong online presence.

What We Offer

Brand Strategy Development: Crafting a roadmap for your personal brand that aligns with your goals and values.

Online Presence Management: Optimizing and managing your presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Content Creation: Engaging and compelling content, from blog posts to videos, to showcase your expertise and personality.

Consultation and Coaching: Personalized guidance to help you navigate the nuances of personal branding and make informed decisions. 

Join Us on the Journey
Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to elevate your brand or a newcomer eager to make your mark, we invite you to join us on the journey of self-discovery and impactful personal branding.

Ready to make a statement? Let's craft your story together.


Contact Us Today

UpTalkk - Where Your Brand is Your Story 

Let's talk!

  • Who is it for?
    For Founders and Executives who want to network, learn and grow.
  • Do you record the calls?
    Yes, we record and transcribe all our sessions.
  • Do you guarantee leads?
    This activity is purely for brand awareness and thought leadership. No guarantee of leads in this engagement model.
  • What is included in the service?
    1. Regular calls to talk about content ideas 2. Writing and editing the posts 3. Publishing the posts
  • How much of my time would go in this?
    For the first two-three months, we’ll need 1/2 hours per week on calls, and interacting on Slack and reviewing the posts we write for you.
  • Do I have to give access to my account?
    Yes, all our clients give us access to their accounts.
  • What changes would I see after we start working?
    The timeline for changes varies based on individual goals and the strategies employed. Generally, you may start seeing some results within a few months, but building a strong and enduring personal brand is an ongoing process.
  • Would you show me the posts before publishing?
    Yes, we won’t publish till you approve the posts.
  • What platforms do you focus on?
    We focus on all the popular social media platforms except TikTok. We are experts on LinkedIn.
  • What is the cost for the service?
    Depending on your goals, the cost can vary between $1500-$5000/per month with a 3 month commitment period.
  • How would we define success?
    Increasing visibility numbers and driving conversations with the right people.
  • Where are you based?
    We have an office in Noida, India. But the team members are spread across the country.
  • Who is on the team?
    You’ll have a two-person team. An account manager and a writer.
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